2021 March for Hussain:
Time Left Until Ashura

"No battle in the modern and past history of mankind has earned more sympathy and admiration as well as provided more lessons than the martyrdom of Hussain in the battle of Karbala." -Antoine Bara

Financial Support & Expenses

It is clear that the higher the funding, the more the organizers will have the ability to hold a memorable ceremony. Notable expenses are the rental cost of audio systems, drum and gauge, improving the appearance of the Dasteh, buying bottles of water, flowers and other promotional items. It should be noted that all the expenses of Toronto's Ashura Procession are provided by the Imam Hussain (AS) followers and donors which are spent by their own supervision. Hence, the financial support of each individual in the process of this effort is important.

Executive Affairs & Groups

In order to hold a quality and systematic event, the Ahlul-Bayt (PBUT) devotees have come together to form groups which focus on different affairs. Among these groups are the departments responsible for photography, video and editing, field advertisement, drumming and instrumentalists, and law enforcement volunteers. What is at display on the noon Ashura is the result of weeks of effort by different individuals. Undeniably, the more active these groups are, the better the ceremony will be. Hence, everyone is invited to participate in this massive movement by joining these groups. 

About Us

Toronto's Ashura March was first formed by the efforts of a group of Imam Hussain's servants who have worked without any connection to governmental institutions, in Muharram 2015. After an amazing reception of this movement on the first occurrence, the ceremony is held every year in Toronto, Canada with growing passion. The purpose of this movement is to portray the unity of the Shia community and to introduce Imam Hussain(AS) to others. We hope that this movement becomes a step to bring about the emergence of the one who will shout:

"ألا يا أهل العالم إن جدّی الحسين قتلوه عطشانا".

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